Altered® Electric Skateboards warrants to the original owner that our V3 model electric skateboards shall be free from all defects in material or workmanship for One Year from the original date of purchase when used for the purpose intended under normal conditions.

If your board should prove defective, write to or call Altered® Electric Skateboards giving a description of the board and the problem. After verification parts will be sent at no charge, or authorization to return the board or specific board modules will be given. The defective board or module will then be repaired or replaced.

The V3 model Altered® Electric Skateboard is not a toy. The V3-S (street) model board is intended for use on paved surfaces or concrete sidewalks. V3-OR (off-road) versions may also be ridden on hard-packed paths or roads. The board is not to be operated on deep grass, through water, through deep potholes or off curbs. The board is to be operated only on smooth, flat, dry surfaces. Items that naturally wear out with use are not covered under warranty, including belts, wheels and batteries.

This warranty does not apply to any electric skateboard that has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident. If you return your board for warranty service and it shows signs of abuse, you will be charged for labor plus parts to repair the board. Defects caused by tampering, unauthorized alterations or repairs are not covered by this warranty.