FAQ’s – Electric Skateboards

How fast does it go?
Depends on the model, but 19-20 mph is an approximate top end.

How long does it take to charge?
Recharging takes approximately 4 hours.

How far does it go?
Up to 10 miles/15 kms, depending on the model, the terrain & your weight. Note, battery upgrades may allow longer distances.


How does it work? and how does it start & stop?
The board is powered by a 36V electric motor using sealed batteries as an energy source. Boards are controlled with a handheld wireless controller that offers a variable throttle and motor braking. You simply stand on the board and pull the trigger SLOWLY to accelerate, and push the trigger forward GENTLY to brake. It’s relatively simple to “roll the board along” at medium speeds.
Pushing forward on the controller’s trigger applies resistance to the skateboard’s motor, providing an effective braking system on flat ground. The board can be controlled effectively down mild/gradual grade hills with the braking system.
Note, that the braking system does not bring the board to a total stop, and it should never be relied on. In many cases you can go down a gradual hill with ease, whereas on the same hill with a “regular” longboard you could lose control.
With these electric skateboards, you have hands free operation so there’s no tether to get tangled up in.

How does it brake?
Check the answer above. Motor braking… by pushing GENTLY forward on the remote’s trigger applies resistance to the skateboard’s motor, providing an effective braking system that will slow the board down.

What’s the best way to turn your board on & how does it “lock on”?
The new V3 boards are engineered to be interference-free and to “lock on” using our new 2G Digital Wireless technology. If riding in groups, just turn one board on at a time. Follow these steps: Turn the board on first, and then stand the board up vertically by holding the front truck, so that the drive wheel is not touching the ground. Then turn on the Hand Controller and wait 3-5 seconds while the board and controller link and lock on. Squeeze the trigger to make sure the units have connected. Set the board down gently and you’re ready to ride! The 2G feature allows only the “locked on” controller to communicate with that particular board, meaning NO INTERFERENCE from other riders nearby or any other devices on any frequency. Turning either unit off breaks the locked on link and will require a repeat of these steps to create a locked on signal.

If the controller makes a low, single volume noise after it’s turned on, the controller is letting you know that either 1) its AAA batteries are exhausted and should be replaced, 2) that the controller is too far away from the board to remain connected, or 3) that it has timed out. If it times out you just need to switch the hand controller off and then back on, to re-link it. Do not ride the board with low hand controller batteries. Also, when the battery pack on the board gets low, the motor controller will cause the motor to pulse letting you know you’re reaching the end of your ride time and that it’s time to recharge. Recharging takes about 4 hours.

How much does it cost?
Current models range from $199.00 and up based on customized options.

Do you have any used boards?
We get asked this a lot. Sometimes we’ll have a cosmetic blem or used demo for sale.

What kind of surfaces can I ride it on?
Cement, asphalt and concrete for the V3-S (Street). The Electric Skateboard is designed to be ridden on SMOOTH, DRY surfaces. Riding on anything else can cause damage. Never ride in rain/wet weather or on wet/slick surfaces you’ve purchased the water resistant special treatment. Also avoid all puddles.

Can it go up hill? and how about down hills?
Yes, it will climb a fairly steep hill, if you can hold on. It’s best to traverse up hills, since this reduces the grade and increases the fun – carving up the hill! Electric skateboards will go down low-grade hills but extreme care should be taken at all times. Hill descents other than mild ones should be avoided. Do not ride in situations above your ability. Make sure you’ve mastered the flats before ever attempting hills and it’s best to avoid all steeper grades. Always give yourself plenty of stopping distance in case the brakes do not stop you as you expect.

How about Skate Ramps and Curbs?
USE THE BOARD FOR RIDING ON LEVEL GROUND. IT’S NOT FOR RAMPS, JUMPS, CURBS OR STEEP HILLS. Jumping off curbs, grinding & rough handling will damage the board’s electronics and void your warranty. Ride only on smooth, dry, hard surfaces.

Always lay the skateboard down gently, otherwise damage to the internal & external components may result. Do NOT perform any tricks that result in impact.

What makes our DWINDLE / DSM Epoxy Resin Decks better than others?
First, they are stiffer, lighter, more durable & better made than nearly every deck manufacturer. They use all Maple cores and each board is pressed in it’s own mold (not with 4 to 5 decks stacked on top of each other), and they are CNC shaped to be exact. The recycled glass non-skid is amazing! This is very important on an electric skateboard, where extra traction is required. Basically, it’s pretty much a fact that you can’t get a deck that will out perform a DSM. Dwindle brands included Almost, Darkstar, Enjoi & More! Take a moment & watch this video… Rodney Mullen gives you a tour of DSM – “The most technically advanced skateboard manufacturer”. Click Here

What is the board’s maximum weight capacity?
Up to 240 lbs is the recommended weight on the V3-S and V3-OR models. PLEASE OBSERVE THE BOARD’S WEIGHT LIMITS OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS, INCLUDING BURNING UP THE MOTOR & BROKEN BELTS. Do not ride any board if your weight exceeds maximum limits of the particular board model. Also, never ride with more than one person on the board.

Why do belts break?
The number one reason is that the rider is too heavy for a particular model. It’s also important to learn to accelerate SMOOTHLY & SLOWLY and then slow down by GENTLY & EVENLY braking. If you slam on the motor brake you can go through belts and it’s also hard on the motor, so it should be avoided. Click Here to learn how to install a new belt.

How should I store the board? And how do I prolong battery life?
Keep your batteries fully charged and store it in a dry place. Make sure to recharge/top off the batteries every couple months because the batteries will self discharge over time. It’s important to do this to prolong battery life. The charger will quit charging when the batteries are fully charged, so it’s ok to leave your board plugged in all the time if you’re riding it regularly. Also note, the batteries will last longer if you do NOT discharge the batteries completely, it’s best to stop riding when it slows down to a low speed. Again, be sure to charge your board at least every couple months and remember this during the off season or the batteries will go bad. Also, make sure to change out weak batteries on the wireless remote – the connectivity will not work properly when its batteries start to die out.

What is the life expectancy of the batteries?
You should be able to re-charge the batteries 100-200 times before there recharged life is substantially reduced. We stock the batteries if you need to replace them. Battery upgrades (lithium) are also available.

Any other reasons to choose an Altered product?
We have the patents for both the wireless controller & the torsion truck. Both features are incredibly important for electric skateboards. We are also located in Southern California and have the only full service location of this type. Please beware of those “too good to be true”, “totally false claims” and “funky toys”, because that’s what they are. We are dedicated to the sport. When Electric Louie invented the wireless electric skateboard (Exkate)… it was definitely an American Dream, and that dream lives on! Please Note that our V3 Wireless Electronics are made here in the USA!

What is the minimum age?
We suggest that no one under the age of 16 rides the Electric Skateboards without parent/guardian supervision. Best also to check the laws in your area/country and take the necessary precautions to be safe.

Is the Altered Electric Skateboard dangerous?
It can be. It is not a toy, it’s an action sport and caution must be used at all times. Appropriate safety gear, helmet, knee & elbow pads are strongly recommended and/or required. Parents and Rider’s should take a moment to watch this Helmet/Safety video. Click Here

How do you make turns on the Altered Electric Skateboard?
Similar to skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding you simply lean or press your weight side to side to turn in either direction. Our patented Torsion Truck design gives you as little as an 8-ft turning radius and it’s more stable than regular skateboards.

Where can I try the Altered Electric Skateboard?
E-mail us your state and city and we will respond with information.

More FAQ’s coming soon! Questions covering Parts, Wheels, Bearings, Trucks, Decks, Batteries, Motors, Helmets & More. For Customer Support including How To’s, Board Maintenance & Repairs and Safety First – Click Here.


* We strongly recommend wearing a Helmet & Pads while riding longboards & powerboards at all times.