Altered Pro-Line 600 Customer Support

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Pro-Line 600 Video Support:
Video 1

Pro-Line 600 Drive Wheel Replacement

Video 2

Pro-Line 600 Bushing Replacement

Video 3

Pro-Line 600 V2 Remote Pairing


Video 4

Pro-Line 600 Belt Replacement

Video 5

Pro-Line 600 V1/V2 Battery Box Removal & Connection Check

Video 6

Abec 11 Wheels – How to upgrade to Abec 11’s

Video 7

Safety First – Altered Instructional Video
Michael Marrin will help get you started with this video clip. We strongly recommend wearing Helmet & Pads at all times. Learn in a controlled environment. Be safe & have fun!

Parents & Rider’s should take a moment to watch this ABC News video on Helmet/Safety. Click Here

Since 1997, Altered has been dedicated to bringing the fun and excitement of high performance electric skateboarding to as many people as possible. For any questions or problems regarding your Pro-Line 600 electric skateboard by Altered, please contact Customer Service.

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